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The UnBroken Podcast

Oct 4, 2023

Tired of all the fear and division in today's world? Charles, Dr Rachel’s awesome guest for this episode of The Unbroken Podcast, shares his journey of breaking free from the media's fear-mongering and how it changed his life.

In this chat, they get into the nitty-gritty of forgiveness and empathy. Charles urges us to drop those grudges, ditch the need to force our opinions on others, and find common ground. It's time to heal those divides!

But what about self-control, especially with tech addiction on the rise? Charles gives us the lowdown, especially on how it affects our youngsters. Parents, you'll want to tune in!

He also spills the beans on why limiting screen time for kids is crucial. Spoiler: it's about protecting those developing brains.

Charles's work in Web3 and community building is game-changing. He's all about putting control back into the hands of the community, not the tech giants. Amen to that!

And privacy? Charles reminds us that our data is gold, and we need to be pickier about who gets their hands on it.

Wrapping up, Charles's message is clear: take care of your mental health just like you do your physical health. Practise some digital temperance, and you'll feel the benefits!

Standout Quote: "Imagine you're at your own funeral. What would you really want people to be saying about you?"

Resources: (Un) Broken