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The UnBroken Podcast

Oct 4, 2023

Get ready for an out-of-this-world journey in this episode of "The Unbroken Podcast"! We're diving deep into the cosmos and the concept of transcendence. What's transcendence, you ask? It's all about finding beauty, feeling awe, being grateful, staying optimistic, and yes, even finding humour in life's curveballs. It's about realising our special spot in the grand cosmic picture.

Our cosmic guide for this episode is none other than Dave Woods, a starstruck astronomer and engineering wizard. He's here to share his cosmic journey and how gazing at the stars can change your whole outlook on life. Dave reminds us that patience, that underrated virtue, is crucial. Slow down, folks, and savour the universe.

But that's not all! We're talking about how astronomy can bring people together. Dave's astronomy group is like a cosmic family, proving that shared passions can unite us all, erasing borders and titles.

Ever wondered why we sweat the small stuff? Dave and Dr Rachel are here to challenge that. Instead of dwelling on trivial squabbles, let's adopt a more forgiving and understanding perspective. As inhabitants of this vast universe, it's on us to support each other and leave a legacy of kindness and innovation.

Standout Quote: "When you look at the sun through that telescope and you see how quickly it moves, what the surface is doing, the solar flares, waiting for that moment just goes into insignificance when you're actually seeing the magnificence of what is out there." - Dave Woods.

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