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The UnBroken Podcast

Oct 4, 2023

In this thought-provoking episode of the Unbroken podcast, join host Rachel as she engages in a candid conversation with Dr. Jennifer Smith, a seasoned microbiologist and epidemiologist. Together, they explore the multifaceted concept of wisdom, touching on creativity, curiosity, judgement, love of learning, and considering various perspectives.

Dr. Smith's expertise in viruses and public health offers unique insights into the challenges faced during the pandemic. They discuss the importance of holistic health, the consequences of isolation, and the need to support individuals in making informed decisions. Join them in this enlightening dialogue that transcends boundaries and invites you to think critically about our rapidly changing world.

Standout Quote: "The whole point of public health is to educate people and empower people to make the best decisions they can for themselves and for their families. The impetus of public health is to protect health for all people in all communities." - Dr. Jennifer Smith

Resources: (Un) Broken