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The UnBroken Podcast

Nov 19, 2021

In this episode of The UnBroken podcast, Dr Rachel does her first Q and A of the season with Dr Joey Weber - a man striving to introduce equanimity into everyone’s life, as mindfulness is not enough. They discuss some of the biggest talk-points, from kindness to belonging and how equanimity matters. They examine key life philosophies from how to live in balance and what having favourite words can do for the soul. This is for you if you yearn to find home and seek belonging. 

“I enjoyed for once someone asking very human, but often unasked and overlooked questions. I would like to go on one of these [podcast episodes] every day as it was like being in a mirror” - Dr Joey Weber

Key Insights From This Episode:

  • You are the expert on you and we need to give more power to the people and realise that actually everything that they think, everything that they understand about themselves is actually really valid - Dr Rachel
  • This is not just a podcast. I want to try a completely different way of viewing life, wellbeing, how to live - Dr Rachel
  • I think that's what pain’s message is for us, to kind of take note and go hang on a minute something needs to happen differently - Dr Joey
  • All these moments of key kind of pain and shocking events of things that just happen when you catch you off guard, they are kind of really unique, special moments. Although at the time, probably we don't see it and we hate it, but ultimately, they really do shape who you want to become and who you are today - Dr Joey
  • I think pain specifically kind of forces the hand and makes you change or want to change, or seek some kind of external help or something - Dr Joey
  • Some people can hold pain for their entire lives, there needs to be more education around how to manage and emotionally regulate yourself - Dr Joey
  • I think it's really interesting, particularly around emotional pain that we actually feel that acutely as if we've broken an arm or had a heart attack or if we've got a burn, the brain and the nervous system treats it all the same - Dr Rachel
  • There’s a plethora of stuff that's available to help us deal with the symptoms, but to actually deal with pain is a completely different story - Dr Rachel
  • We have this tremendous capacity to just keep on going, no matter what the situation, circumstance is to somehow try and find the positive in it, the meaning behind it. And I think that's incredible - Dr Joey

Keywords: equanimity, kindness, compassion, self reflection, pain, resilience

About Our Guests:

Dr Joey Weber
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Dr Weber is a Lecturer in Health and Social care. His PhD thesis entitled 'The role of equanimity in the facilitation of positive mental states and mental well-being' focuses on barriers to equanimity within the provinces of health and well-being. He is interested in fine tuning the therapeutic processes within mindfulness.

About Our Host

Dr Rachel Taylor 

Dr Rachel Taylor is a neuroscientist with decades of experience exploring, discovering and solving everyday challenges faced by many, as well as listening to and telling the stories of people she comes across in her endeavour to show difference is good, trauma is endemic and joy is connection. She started UnBroken as she wanted to highlight that the system is broken not people and uses the UnBroken podcast to share her learnings, honest conversations and words of wisdom with the UnBroken Tribe of listener.

About UnBroken 

UnBroken is founded upon the belief that the environment in which we were born, grew in, live in, work in, play in and rest in has a huge impact on how well we believe we are and how well we perform. Wellbeing and optimal human performance are not simply about the absence of disease, they are about the ability to live purposefully, intentionally, joyfully and freely.  

UnBroken provides a range of supportive online resources including a podcast, blog, apothecary and monthly online membership for people who dare to be different, are open to possibilities and want a different pathway to their own version of success.